Aerotech's all Fan assemblies are guaranteed for 24 month from install the fans.
Aerotech's all fan assemblies are guaranteed for power saving up-to 30% with
same air flow.
Fan blades are made from top grade material, which is superior quality of resin
(Epoxy) designed to with stand harshest condition for cooling tower
applications and minimum life of the fans are not less than 10 years.
Aerotech maintains all the fan tip clearance with the ratio of 0.03% but it is variation
depend to improper round shape of the fan cylinder.
Aerotech's all fans are maintaining the track variation within range of less than
25mm for large size of the fans as per recommended international standard.
Aerotech's Special hard build on leading edge providing Erosion resistance means
longer life of the fan.
UV rays insensibility & corrosion resistance.
Aerotech's special moulds can make any diameter standard or non-standard.
Advantages with Aerotech's fan assembly like low maintenance cost, savings on
power, inter-change-able parts and less load on gear box bearing thereby
extending the life of gear box.
Our typical balancing method like momentum balancing of individual blades
thereby maintaining equal centre-of-gravity of all fan blades and giving
momentum matching mark for easy installation in hub. Hub is dynamically
balanced to ensure minimum vibration (Grade of Balancing G-6.3)
Manually adjustable pitch, Steel galvanized hub with FRP hollow blade from
2’Ø to 50’Ø. Adjustable power setting corresponding to climatic condition.
Our ideal elliptic inlet type velocity recovery-cone FRP fan cylinder, resonance
stable, reduces HP, and increase air moment-an ideal mate.
Less power consumption with guaranteed airflow for through out life of the

Special- Purpose Fans

       AEROTECH aerodynamically designed fan for suitable a given duty condition. Special hazards are raised by polluting substances in the air stream. A classification from this point of view follows.

  1. General-purpose fans
    (i) Aerotech fans will meet the milder cases of the hazards below. To ensure long life, however, special-purpose fans are considered by Aerotech.
  2. Weather resistance
    (ii) Aerotech FRP fans are useful for repeated exposure to rain and ultra-violet radiation of the sun and ingress of rain and snow.
  3. Moisture resistance
    (iii)Dripping water and repeated condensation from a saturated atmosphere are to be regarded as abnormal hazards. Aerotech provide higher grade materials and finishes are resist corrosion.
    The impellers are constructed from materials selected to resist erosion, and pitting are avoid from the points of impacts with the liquid drops.
  4. Corrosion resistance
    Heavily polluted industrial atmospheres will be sufficiently corrosive to shorten the life of most general- purpose fans. Aerotech provides the concentration which remains within what might be described as the “breathable” range, additional coats of protective paints will usually suffice. Chlorinated rubber paints are commonly used for this purpose. Aerotech Fans handle highly corrosive gases, particularly when wet or hot, may be require to be constructed from special corrosion-resistant of FRP raw materials.
  5. Heat resistance
    Aerotech fans are suitable for operating continuously in normal indoor and outdoor atmospheres at temperatures up to 40oC~120 oC.
  6. Abrasion resistance
    The impellers of general-purpose fans may be worn away by the passage of too much dust of an abrasive character. If the particles cannot be sufficiently removed, as by a cyclone, an abrasion resistance fan must be specified. FRP fan blades moulded to aerofoil shape used for axial fans, and will deal with particles of any hardness.

    * New Economy and New Reality.
    The industrial axial flow fans must evolve. Here Aerotech Engineers technology partners plays significant role in the industry.
    * Aerotech Business Strategy.
    Defining digital business strategy that enables innovative companies evolve, adapt, grow and thereby compete effectively in the new economy.
    * Aerotech Integration solution.
    Integrating the existing legacy system of client to market, service center, and other Internet connection and liking their business processes to a world of discrete value producing value-exchanging entities.
    * Aerotech Client
      Client list that includes Indian cooling towers & Heat exchanger companies, plan to global-2015 and high-velocity middle market companies
    * Aerotech Credentials.
    Acclaimed by leading all Indian cooling tower companies combine a deep under standing of the new economy issue with integrated end-to-end service and a proven track record of shared risk and rapid guaranty delivery. We have a proven track record as one of the select firms able to successfully deliver result in unprecedented time frames in the area of digital strategy, cognitive and creative implementation, and integration for e-business and the new economy.
    * Aerotech Technical Team Lead.
    We are providing complete technical details to our clients for their desired technical clarification. ATE is developing airfoils which are with help of US based computerized NACA software and it has proven high efficient fan blades.